How to Reduce Pixelation in Photoshop

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You can reduce Pixelation in Photoshop with your computer “Ctrl” key.

Pixelation occurs when you experience low picture resolution and have the ability to recognize each pixel with the naked eye. Though we do not have the ability to fully eradicate pixelation from a picture, we can lessen the issue. If you learn how to use the various features of Photoshop software, you can reduce pixelation in all of your images.


Step 1

Open your image with Photoshop.

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Step 2

Click your mouse on "View." Click "Actual Pixels" to determine what level of pixelation you have on your image.

Step 3

Navigate to your "Main Menu." Click "Filter," "Noise," and finally "Despeckle." This allows you to even out the pixels that your picture contains.

Step 4

Hold down your "Ctrl" and "f" buttons at the same time. Repeat this process a series of four times.


Step 5

Click "Smart Blur" on your "Filter" menu. Configure your radius to approximately one and half pixels and your threshold to 14 pixels. Click "Enter."