How to Make a Smiley Face With Sunglasses on Your Computer

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You can translate this feeling into an emoticon.

Although the standard smiley face "emoticons" have been around since the dawn of the Internet, there are hundreds more now that many web users recognize. Smiley faces are used in everything from instant messages and emails to text messages. They can emphasize a point you're making in your message or just serve as a visual expression of how you're feeling. The smiley with sunglasses is one of the more commonly used emoticons, and is quite easy to create on your computer.


Step 1

Type the digit "8" followed by a dash and then a close parenthesis. The result should look like this: 8-) . Most Internet users will recognize this smiley, and many instant messengers will automatically convert it into one of their own graphical emoticons.

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Step 2

Try something a little more elaborate, if you prefer. Another way of typing a smiley with sunglasses is (o)v(o), although it may also be mistaken for an owl. There are many possible variations, so experiment as you wish.


Step 3

Use special characters to create more exotic smileys. To access all of the special characters available on your computer, open the Character Map (type "Character Map" into the start menu search box). Select "Arial" as the font and browse the list of symbols.


Step 4

Browse through the list of emoticons you have available in your instant messenger or email account interface. Most such programs have a selection of graphical emoticons which you can place in your messages either by typing the corresponding text form or by clicking on the graphic in the list. The smiley with sunglasses is one of the more common emoticons




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