How to Make a Spy Cam from a Digital Camera

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Turn any digital camera into a spy camera.

Any regular digital camera that is capable of capturing video (most digital cameras are capable of this) can be easily turned into a spy camera. A spy camera is simply a hidden video camera. By disguising your standard digital camera, you can use it as a spy camera and retrieve it later for review.


Step 1

Do some reconnaissance in order to decide where you want to hide your spy camera. Choose a location that will allow the camera to record exactly what it is you want to spy on, but keep a wide enough scope to allow for your subjects to remain in frame if they move around.

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Step 2

Set your camera so that it is in video mode.


Step 3

Set your camera to record at its lowest video quality. This will ensure that you maximize your recording time.

Step 4

Set the zoom so that it is panned out all the way in order to allow as much of the room to be in frame as possible in case your subjects move about.



Step 5

Cover up any part of the camera that emits light; this includes the LCD screen on the back and any LED that may indicate that the camera is on.

Step 6

Disguise the camera further by adding camouflage.

Step 7

Place your camera in your preselected location. Turn it on and press record.


A standard digital camera stands out and is easily recognizable. With little effort the same camera can be camouflaged so that it will become unrecognizable. For example, if you plan to hide your camera among some flowers, painting it the color of the soil and gluing some like flowers on the outside will allow it to blend in. If you plan to place your camera in a basket with some papers, you can camouflage it by gluing some paper to it. If your camera has a lens that telescopes out when turned on, make sure you take this into account while adding your camouflage. Some cameras have a light that will turn on only when the camera is recording; cover up this light up as well.

You may be planting your spy camera up to an hour before the event that you are spying on actually takes place. Have the recording time available by installing an additional memory card.

Choose a place that you will be realistically able to place your camera, and retrieve it from later.


This article is not intended to describe how to commit any illegal act. Refer to local laws before recording people without their consent.