How to Make a VGA to RCA Cable

By Glenn Xavier

VGA connectors carry analog video signals for red, green and blue channels (RGB). Component RCA carries a similar but different signal (YPbPr). Some devices are capable of sending and receiving a YPbPr signal over VGA, but many others cannot. In the cases where it is feasible, you can easily make your own VGA to Component RCA cable using a Cat 5 cable.

Things You'll Need

  • Male RCA plugs
  • 15 Pin Male D-sub connector (VGA)
  • Category 5 cable
  • Wire strippers
  • Soldering Iron

Step 1

Untwist and strip the orange, green and blue pairs from both ends of the category 5 cable.

Step 2

Attach RCA plugs to each pair on one side. Connect a pair's solid conductor to the RCA center pole and the striped conductor to ground. The green pair will carry the Y signal, the orange pair will carry Pr, and the blue pair will carry Pb.

Step 3

Attach the other end to the VGA connector by soldering the conductors to the following pins:Pin 1 -- OrangePin 2 -- GreenPin 3 -- BluePin 6 -- Orange/WhitePin 7 -- Green/WhitePin 8 -- Blue/White

Tips & Warnings

  • For some display devices, you may have to manually set the VGA input to "component."