How to Make a Video Clip Smaller to Send by Email

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If you have a video clip you may find it difficult to email it over the Internet. This is due to the size of the file. To send the file you need to shrink it down to a smaller size. Although zipping the file is a possibility it does not actually shrink the size of the file down a significant amount. Luckily, there is a different, more effective way to make the video smaller.


Step 1

Load the video editor you have on your computer. If you do not have a video editor you can purchase a program from your local computer or electrics store. It is possible to download some video editors from the Internet such as upgrades for your Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

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Step 2

Import the video into the video editing software. This is done in most video editing programs by clicking "File," "Import."


Step 3

Select the video file and click "Export." This loads a series of video options.

Step 4

Select H.264 if the video editor supports the format. This is a popular video format that compresses the size of the video without diminishing the video quality (most movie trailers you find online use H.264 because of the high video quality).



Step 5

Open the advanced options and lower the video size (such as from 480 x 240 to 300 x 150). This is going to lower the amount of memory the video takes. Select the audio options and change the bit depth from 44 down to 32 or 16. This lowers the audio quality but shrinks the file size.

Step 6

Accept the change and click "Export." The video file is now exported in the smaller size and ready to be emailed.



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