How to Convert an FBR to an MP4

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FBR is a proprietary file format used by the BB FlashBack screen recording program for the Windows operating system. You can use this program to record actions you take on your computer and create tutorials. Among the features of this program is an export function, allowing you to convert movies you have recorded from the FBR format to several different other formats, including MP4, a video format compatible with mobile Apple devices such as iPods, iPhones and iPads.


Step 1

Launch BBR Flashback Player and open the file you want to convert.

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Step 2

Click "File" and select "Export."

Step 3

Select "MPEG4" and click "OK." This opens a window allowing you to configure various settings for your video.



Step 4

Configure the video settings to your liking and click "Export."

Step 5

Navigate to the folder where you want to save the exported video, name the file and click "Save."

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