How to Download a Webinar

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A webinar is an online seminar or video presentation where users log on and watch someone else's screen. It can be a PowerPoint file or just watching someone navigate on their computer. Audio often consists of a conference call.

Step 1

Go to the host website and search for a downloadable version of the webinar. Sometimes the host will make the PowerPoint or slideshow available for download, but the audio is not likely to be included.


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Step 2

Contact the person in charge of the webinar to see if he or she can offer any assistance in providing a slide show or file that was used or recorded during the webinar.

Step 3

Right click on the file that you locate and choose "Save As" or "Save Target As." Pick a location and choose "Save."



Step 4

Another option is to use video capture software to record the webinar while it's in progress. Such software options include CamStudio and Replay Video Capture. These programs will allow you to record what you see on the screen and save the results in various formats.



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