How to Make an Employee Work Schedule in Microsoft Excel

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If you have multiple staff members, you know that fairly allocating shifts and work hours can be a challenge. The more employees you have and the more shifts you have to cover, the more headaches you incur. Microsoft provides you with a solution to your scheduling woes -- ready-made templates that you can download from Microsoft online and install in Excel with the click of a button. Once you've installed the template, scheduling your employees' time will be a cinch.


Step 1

Click the "Microsoft Office" button in Excel and then click "New."

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Step 2

Click "Business" from the menu in the left hand column and then click "Schedules."


Step 3

Click the icon you want in the right hand window. For example, you could choose "Weekly work schedule" or "Employee shift schedule." There are many templates to choose from. When you click the icon, the template will automatically download and install on your computer.




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