How to Make Both Speakers Work on an iPhone

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Although there are some people who desperately want to be able to make both speakers work on an iPhone, the fact of the matter is that they will never be able to thanks to the fact that they misunderstand what they want. While some people believe that iPhones have two speakers on the bottom of them, this is not true. There is one speaker, but the other "speaker" is actually a microphone. Despite this, there is a fairly simple way (in addition to using the volume control) to make an iPhone louder when listening to music or using the speakerphone function.


Step 1

Turn the volume all the way up on the phone by pressing the volume control on the side of the phone. Listen to music or try to have a conversation on the speakerphone. If the volume seems to be good enough, you may not want to follow the rest of the steps. However, if you are desperate for a louder sound, continue to the next step.


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Step 2

Find a small, fine needle. The needle should be smaller than the needles that are placed in sewing machines and should be smaller than the sharp edges of bobby pins. These needles can often be found in sewing sets. Choose the needle with the finest point that you can find.

Step 3

Turn the phone upside down and locate the speaker on the bottom of the phone. Make sure that you have located the speaker and not the microphone. They look exactly alike, however the microphone is located on the right side when you are looking at it from the front of the phone and the speaker is located on the left side.


Step 4

Take the pin and place it into the speaker one time. Listen to some music on the iPhone and see if it is now loud enough for you. If it still needs to be louder, poke the speaker with the pin a couple of more times. Each time the pin is placed into the speaker, the thin plastic that covers the speaker is punctured. This, in turn, allows more sound to escape.



Step 5

Stop poking when the desired sound is achieved. Although poking the speaker several times can make the iPhone's speaker amplify up to 40 percent more sound, this may be too much. It is important to remember that something like this is extremely difficult to un-do.




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