How to Make Frostwire Faster

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FrostWire is a file-sharing program that uses the same source code and the same peer-to-peer network as the popular LimeWire PRO software, but with one fundamental difference: FrostWire costs nothing to download. FrostWire uses optimized connection speeds to help you download files at an accelerated rate, but if you find that FrostWire still functions slowly on your computer, you can improve the software's performance with manual optimization.


Step 1

Open FrostWire and select "Tools" from the menu bar at the top of the screen. When the drop-down list appears, choose "Options." If using FrostWire for Mac, click the "FrostWire" heading on the menu bar and choose "Preferences" from the list to access the same "Options" panel.

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Step 2

Click "Speed" in the left column of your "Options" window. Using the "Speed" pop-up menu on the right-hand side of the screen, select your current connection speed to ensure that FrostWire optimizes your performance accordingly. If using a cable or DSL connection, select "Broadband." If using a phone line, select "Dial-Up." If connected to a T1 or T3 network, select "T1" or "T3 or Higher."


Step 3

Uncheck the box that reads "Enable OOB Searching," just below the "Connection Speed" option. While out-of-band searching may deliver faster search results in some cases, it can also have a negative impact on the speed of your uploads and downloads, if using a slower Internet connection.

Step 4

Click the "Downloads" link, directly beneath "Speed" in the left column and slide your "Download Bandwidth" bar all the way to the right, using your mouse. This will ensure that FrostWire dedicates the maximum possible bandwidth to your file downloads, resulting in greater speeds.


Step 5

Scroll down the left column of your "Options" window and click "Searching." When the list expands, click "Speed," which appears just below. From the list of options, select "Show Only Results of Cable/DSL or Higher." If you download files from dial-up users, you will only have the ability to receive files as quickly as their slow servers can upload them, even if you have a much faster Internet connection.

Step 6

Click "Apply" in the lower-right corner of your window. Your "Options" window will vanish, and your changes will take effect as soon as you restart the program.



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