How to Configure Chrome to Open JNLP Files

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Chrome can be set to open JNLP files after you launch them.

Oracle's Java Plug-ins and Java Web Start both include support for Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) files, Java applications that can be opened from your Web browser. Launch JNLP files by clicking a "Launch" button on a Web page. By default, Google's Chrome browser doesn't then open the application: Instead it provides a download prompt. For security reasons, Web pages won't execute JNLP files on your computer without your consent. Chrome opens JNLP files only if you click Chrome's prompt. To configure Chrome to open JNLP files when you click a Web page's "Launch" button, set your Chrome preferences.


Step 1

Download and install Java from, if it isn't already installed. Chrome must have Java installed to use JNLP files.

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Step 2

Navigate Google Chrome to a website containing a JNLP link.


Step 3

Click the "Launch" button on the page to download the JNLP file. A download prompt appears on the bar at the bottom of the Google Chrome window.

Step 4

Click the "Save" button on the bar to save the JNLP file to your computer.



Step 5

Right-click the JNLP file on the bar at the bottom of the Google Chrome window and select "Always Open Files of This Type." After you set this preference, Google Chrome will open JNLP files when you click a "Launch" button on a page.



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