How to Make My Own Web Server

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If you want to avoid costs of hosting your files for use on the Internet, you can make your own web server to handle hosting your files. You need a decent computer with plenty of storage space, RAM, and something that can always be connected to the Internet. When your server is not on the Internet, none of the files on your server will be on the Internet. Follow these steps to turn your computer into your web server.


How to Make My Own Web Server

Step 1

If you don't have a high-speed Internet connection, secure one with a local provider in your area.

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Step 2

Secure your own domain name. This will help people get to and from your files on the Internet. This will also give you a place to send and receive email. If you do not have a static web address (if you have cable or DSL connection, you probably will not have a static address) there are several places you can go to secure your domain. Check the resources section.


Step 3

Get your router. Use a regular router, because wireless routers are not suggested for home server set-ups. Your router should have Ethernet jacks and should be capable of port forwarding in order to allow outside Internet traffic.

Step 4

Set up your computer. Make sure that you have your standard computer items including a keyboard, mouse, and a 10/100 Ethernet Network Card. Make sure to have an uninterrupted power supply to keep your system safe in the event of a power outage.



Step 5

To configure your web server, you should start system-config services. Make sure that httpd and mysqld are started and selected to start on boot, then save the service configuration.

Step 6

Verify that your web server is working correctly by opening a browser and pointing it at http://localhost/ (which always points to the web server on your computer). You should see the test page for apache, the web server application.


Step 7

Set up port forwarding as directed by your router. Make sure that all http services or port 80 traffic is sent to the IP address of your web server.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with at least 1ghz processor and 1GB ram, and plenty of HD space

  • Router

  • High-speed Internet service

  • Domain name


Anything that is going to be available online should be stored in /var/www/html directory on your server computer.



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