How to Make Widescreen DVD Into Full Screen

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It's always been a goal to bring big-screen movies to the home and to emulate the experience of being at the movie theater. However, a standard television cannot provide the same feel as 100-foot screen at the theater. But the television can at least show a wide-screen movie in the full space of a 4:3 screen. Here's how to convert a wide-screen movie into full-screen movie.


Rip, Convert, and Burn the DVD

Step 1

Rip the movie from the DVD by using DVD ripping software. Magic DVD Ripper or Clone DVD are just a few of the options available. The ripping process will decode the movie and save it to your hard drive, allowing you to modify the movie.


Video of the Day

Step 2

Convert the video from wide screen to full screen. From within your ripping software, or from a video editing software package, choose "Settings" and select the option to crop the video from its current size to 4:3. The computer will then delete the parts of the video frame that do not fit within that box.



Step 3

Burn the edited movie to a blank DVD-R. Using the burning software that came with your computer or the standard Windows Explorer disk burner.



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