How to Make Widescreen DVD Into Full Screen

It's always been a goal to bring big-screen movies to the home and to emulate the experience of being at the movie theater. However, a standard television cannot provide the same feel as 100-foot screen at the theater. But the television can at least show a wide-screen movie in the full space of a 4:3 screen. Here's how to convert a wide-screen movie into full-screen movie.

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Rip, Convert, and Burn the DVD


Rip the movie from the DVD by using DVD ripping software. Magic DVD Ripper or Clone DVD are just a few of the options available. The ripping process will decode the movie and save it to your hard drive, allowing you to modify the movie.


Convert the video from wide screen to full screen. From within your ripping software, or from a video editing software package, choose "Settings" and select the option to crop the video from its current size to 4:3. The computer will then delete the parts of the video frame that do not fit within that box.


Burn the edited movie to a blank DVD-R. Using the burning software that came with your computer or the standard Windows Explorer disk burner.

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