How to Make Your Own Music Video With PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is an effective and widely used presentation tool. It is used primarily to present a new strategic direction and financial information, or illustrate a key takeaway. PowerPoint can also be used for fun projects as well. Impress friends and associates with a personalized music video created using PowerPoint.


Step 1

Open PowerPoint 2007.

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Step 2

Go to the "Home" tab, click "New Slide," and select "Blank." Press "Ctrl and C"to copy the blank slide then press "Ctrl and V" to paste copies of the blank slide.


Step 3

Change the format of the first slide to include a title, for example, "Powerpoint Music Video."

Step 4

Go to the "Insert" tab and select "Sound," then "Sound From File." Navigate to the WMA format music file that will be used. This step inserts the WMA format music file on the title slide. A dialog box will appear asking if the sound should start automatically or when clicked; select "When clicked."


Step 5

The "Options" tab is now visible. Beside "Play Sound:" select "Play Across Slides" and check the box entitled "Hide During Show." The "Play Across Slides" function ensures that the music plays while the slides transition. The "Hide During Show" option ensures that the sound icon is not visible while the PowerPoint music video plays.


Step 6

Insert a JPG format picture file on each of the remaining slides. Go to the "Insert" tab and select "Clip Art." Select and insert a picture on each slide; these are the pictures of the music video.


Step 7

Select all the slides and go to the "Animations" tab and select "Apply To All." Animations are the transitions from one slide to the next. On "Advance Slide" select the "Automatically After:" check box and advance to one second. Remove the check from "On Mouse Click." Each second a new slide is shown.


Step 8

Press "F5" to view the PowerPoint music video. Make any updates and revisions then save the file as a PowerPoint show. The PowerPoint show format always opens the file in the presentation mode. So, the PowerPoint music video will begin when the file is opened.



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