How to Measure for a Corner TV Stand

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Measure carefully to make sure your TV stand fits your corner.

If you're looking to place your TV in the corner of a room, make sure to measure the corner to ensure you have enough space. Corners are often situated alongside door wells or openings, giving you a specific amount of space to work with. Use a standard mathematical equation to determine if your corner is wide enough to fit your TV stand.


Step 1

Measure the front of your television. Unlike picture size, which is determined by measuring on a diagonal (lower left to upper right), the width of the TV is ascertained by measuring from the lower right corner to the lower left. Write this number down.

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Step 2

Place the front end of the tape measure in the corner, measuring the distance from the corner to the first obstacle on one side of the wall (such as a window or door opening).


Step 3

Repeat the measurement process with the intersecting wall. Determine which wall has the smallest working room before running into an obstacle. For example, if one side is 20 inches but the other is 27 inches, you may not use anything larger than 20 inches as it will overlap the smaller side.


Step 4

Write out the Pythagorean theorem mathematical equation of A squared plus B squared equals C squared. This means that if the square root of the two wall measurements added together is larger than the square root measurement of the TV, you have enough room to place your television on a TV stand in your corner.



Step 5

Input the equation into your calculator. Use the smaller measurement of the two walls as both the A and B measurements. For example, if the smaller measurement is 20 inches, you want to input 20 squared (or 20 x 20) plus 20 squared (or 20 x 20). Once you have the answer (in this case it is 800), find the square root of the number and you will have the size, in inches, your TV must be smaller than in order to fit onto a TV stand (in this case it is about 28 inches).



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