Can I Put a 52-Inch TV on a 47-Inch Table?

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A 52-inch TV can sit balanced on a 47-inch table.
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Buying a 52-inch TV is appealing because at this size, it's possible to set the TV in a large room and still be able to see the screen with ease. One of the challenges to a TV this size is finding an acceptable place to set it, especially if your existing TV stand is somewhat smaller than the TV itself.



Television screens are measured diagonally, meaning a 52-inch TV measures 52 inches from the bottom left corner of the screen to the top right corner of the screen. Because the TV has a frame around the screen, a 52-inch TV does not measure 52 inches across the bottom of the TV itself. The width of 52-inch TVs depends on the style and manufacturer, but is typically between 55 and 60 inches.


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Large TVs have different base styles. Some TV bases are as wide as the TV itself, while other bases are smaller and centered directly below the screen. For example, it's common for a 52-inch TV to have a base of around 30 inches. If the base of the TV is significantly smaller than the screen, putting a 52-inch television on a 47-inch table is easy.



A 47-inch table is suitable for holding a 52-inch TV, regardless of the television's base style. If the base is as wide as the TV, and measures 58 inches, for example, you have a total of 11 inches of overhang. Place the TV in the center of the table so that 5.5 inches on each side of the TV hang off the edges of the table. If the base is smaller, such as 30 inches, place the base directly in the middle of the table.



Television bases have small, rubber or foam feet glued to the underside of their bases. If the base of your TV is longer than your table, the feet on each side of its base might not touch the table. In this case, pry off the feet and reposition them toward the center of the base so they can protect the top of your table.