How to Modify IE Browser Headers

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Customizing your Web experience is easy.

Every Web browser has what is called a "Header" at the top of the page. Normally this will be the website's name that the user is currently viewing. However, you can change the header.


Step 1

Open Internet Explorer 8.

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Step 2

Click "Page" on menu bar then "Page Setup." Note: If your menu bar is not visible press Alt+F then U.

Step 3

Select "Header" under the "Headers and Footers" section at the bottom of this new window "Page Setup."


Step 4

Select your desired Header choice from this drop-down list. If you choose "Custom" you may write whatever you would like as the Header by typing that in the blank space then clicking "OK" in that new window.

Step 5

Click "OK" in the Page Setup window.


Here are some things you can add to the Header with the custom option: &w: Title &u: URL &p: Page number Page &p of &P: Page number of total pages &P: Total Pages &d: Date in short format &D: Date in long format &t: Time &T: Time in 24hr format &&: Single ampersand