How to Insert a New Page in a Word Document

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Word 2007 lets you add a new page with a few clicks.

Adding a page lets you begin a new section or add information anywhere in a document. Especially in a large project, adding a new page can help you incorporate an extra section, include visuals, insert addenda or create a visual separation between sections. Although you could add a new page by pressing "Enter" on your keyboard until you reach the next page, this slow process can become tedious. Word 2007 offers a simpler option.


Step 1

Click at the bottom or end of the page that precedes the new page you wish to add. If any words or pages follow the place where your cursor blinks, then Word will move them to begin after the new page.

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Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab in the the toolbar at the top of Word.


Step 3

Click "Blank Page" in the group marked "Pages." You can find this group on the left-hand side of the ribbon. Word will automatically insert a blank page immediately after your cursor.





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