How to Moisten Dry Lips With Photo Editing

By Kathryn Hatter

Thanks to the wonders of photo editing, you can add even the smallest of details to digital photos. Fix blemishes, remove distractions and even add lip gloss to your photos with a photo editing program. Once you learn some of the simple tricks of photo editing, your photos can look professional, engaging and attractive. Add a layer of lip gloss to a digital photo and watch your subject's lips go from dull and drab to shiny and beautiful.

Things You'll Need

  • Photo editing program
  • Digital photograph

Step 1

Open the photo editing program, then click "File," "Open" and navigate to the location of the photograph. Select the photograph and click "Open" again.

Step 2

Zoom in to the lip area on the photograph. Click the "Selection" tool and click your mouse carefully around the outer edge of the lips to select this entire area.

Step 3

Duplicate the selected lips as a new layer by clicking "Layers" and "Duplicate Layer." You should now see the lips alone as a second layer.

Step 4

Select "Filter," "Artistic" and "Plastic Wrap" to apply a glossy sheen to the lips. Set the "Highlight Strength" to between 10 and 15, the "Detail" to 15 and the "Smoothness" to 5. Experiment with these settings to make the lip gloss look the way you wish.

Step 5

Change the blend mode and the opacity of the duplicate lip layer. Click "Blend Mode" and change it to "Overlay." Click "Opacity" and move the slider down to 50 percent.

Step 6

Merge the two layers to finish applying the lip gloss effect to the photograph.

Step 7

Save the edited photo by clicking "File" and "Save As." Enter a new name for the photograph and save it as a JPEG.