How to Move a Path in Photoshop

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How to Move a Path in Photoshop. A path can be moved to a new location in Adobe Photoshop CS3. After the path is selected from the Paths palette, it is dragged and dropped in its new home in the Photoshop document.

Step 1

Start Adobe Photoshop CS3, and open a document from your files that contains a path you would like to move, or start a new, blank document and add a path to it using the Pen tool.


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Step 2

Choose the "Window" menu and click "Paths" to bring up the Paths palette, if necessary. Click on the layer that contains the path you want to move so that layer is selected with a dark gray highlight.

Step 3

Select the "Path Selection Tool" from the Photoshop toolbox on the left side of the screen. It is represented by a black mouse pointer and shares the button with the "Direct Selection Tool."


Step 4

Click on or inside the path you want to move with your mouse. You should see the path along with black path points. The path will now be selected and ready to move.


Step 5

Click on the path again and drag the path to its new location. You can see the path moving along with your mouse.

Step 6

Release the mouse when you have moved the path to its new location.



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