How to Mute a Nokia Cell Phone

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Most, if not all, Nokia cell phones can be set to "silent mode" to mute all ring tones, alarm tones and keypad tones. They can also be easily reverted back to "general mode" to un-mute the cell phone when you need to. You can also mute your cell phone when in the middle of a call. Although steps may vary, they are relatively similar in Nokia phones. Nokia cell phones are easy to use, so you will figure it out easily.


Step 1

Turn on your mobile phone. Navigate to the "Settings" menu and then click on "Tone Settings." Browse through the menu and select "Ring Volume." Keep on clicking the left arrow button until the volume control is set to zero. Click "OK."

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Step 2

Select "Keypad tones" from the "Tone settings" menu and adjust the volume controller to zero. Click "OK" when you are done. Navigate to "Warning Tones" inside the "Tone Settings" menu and select "Off."


Step 3

Alternatively, you can set your cell phone to silent mode by navigating to "Settings" and then "Profiles." A list of profiles are listed, including "General," "Discreet," "Loud" and "Silent." Select the "Silent" profile and then choose "Activate."


Step 4

If the cell phone continues to emit sounds after the "Silent" profile is selected, the profile may have been modified for some reason. Navigate back to "Profiles" as shown in Step 3. From the menu, select "Personalize." Set the ring volume as well as the key tones to zero, and then turn off the "Warning Tones."


Step 5

Tone down the volume of a video or music file by simply setting the volume controller to zero if your phone has media player capability. If it has a mute option, select it to eliminate the sounds.

Step 6

When you are in the middle of a call, you can also mute the cell phone from the "Options" menu by pressing on the "OK" or "Send" button and selecting "Mute" from the menu. To un-mute, select "Options" again and choose "Un-mute."


Step 7

If you are using a wired or Bluetooth headset and it has a "Mute" button, simply press on it when you want to mute the cell phone and press it again when you want to un-mute.



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