How to Mute Volume on a Keyboard

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Keyboard shortcuts are customizable and can be changed at your discretion.

Computer speaker volume can be muted by adjusting the volume in the Volume Control utility, or by turning the dial on the speakers themselves. The volume can also be muted with the keyboard. To mute the audio with a keyboard, you must first create a keyboard shortcut. A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys that, when pressed simultaneously, initiate a task such as muting the audio of the speakers.


Step 1

Download Mute (mute.exe) from a reliable source such as PC World Magazine and save it to the computer's desktop.

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Step 2

Right-click Mute. A menu will open.

Step 3

Click "Create Shortcut." A shortcut will be created and saved to the desktop.


Step 4

Right-click the desktop. A menu will open. Scroll the mouse cursor over "New." A side menu will open. Click "Folder" to create a new folder on the desktop.

Step 5

Type "Keyboard Shortcuts" and hit the Enter key to save the name of the folder. You may name the folder whatever you want, but name it something you will recognize and not delete at a later date.


Step 6

Click and drag the Mute shortcut to the Keyboard Shortcuts folder. Release the mouse button to drop Mute and move it into the folder. Double-click the folder to open it.

Step 7

Right-click the Mute shortcut. Click "Properties." A new window will open.


Step 8

Click inside of the "Shortcut Key" box.


Step 9

Press the combination of keys you want to use as the shortcut to mute the audio. Use a combination that includes "Ctrl," "Alt" or "Shift" and another key. You can use whatever combination you like, such as "Ctrl" and "M" or "Alt" and "S." However, if you pick a combination of keys used in another program, the audio will not be muted when you use your keyboard shortcut while using that program. For instance, if the keyboard shortcut you use is "Ctrl" and "A," you will not be able to mute the audio while using Microsoft Word 2002, because "Ctrl" and "A" is an assigned keyboard shortcut within that program used to highlight text.


Step 10

Click "Ok."

Step 11

Restart Windows to save the keyboard shortcut. The next time you start Windows, you will be able to mute the audio with your keyboard shortcut.

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