How to Open a CFG

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Learn to easily open CFG files.

A CFG is a file extension in the Windows Operating System that is used most frequently for file configurations. CFG file extensions are also used frequently with Microsoft's Flight Simulator PC video game. If you want to open a CFG file, you can do so easily with the assistance of a text editor. Use the Notepad application on your computer to quickly and effectively open a CFG file in every instance.


Step 1

Locate the CFG file on your computer. Find where the file is saved and drag and drop the file onto your computer desktop.

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Step 2

Open Notepad. Notepad is a text editor that comes with every Windows computer. Click "Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad" to access it.

Step 3

Drag the CFG file from the desktop to the open Notepad application. The text of the file will now be displayed in Notepad.