How to Fix a GOM Media Player With Choppy Playback

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GOM Player is a free application that is used to open and stream assorted types of digital media. Sometimes users may experience choppy playback with audio or video files in GOM Player. This often happens because the program's default settings have been modified or overridden. You can easily restore default settings by accessing the program's playback controls.


Step 1

Launch GOM Player.

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Step 2

Click the "Control Panel" icon and a programming screen will display. Click on "Control" and go to the "Playback Speed" section. Click the "Default" button and close the window.


Step 3

Click "Preferences" and a new screen will display. Click the "Playback" button to load the tab for streaming preferences.

Step 4

Go to the "Playback Priority" section. Open the "Task Priority" drop-down menu and choose "[Normal] General Process Priority."



Step 5

Go to the "Screen Size" section. Select "Default screen size when playing." Open the corresponding drop-down menu and choose "Screen size x1.0 (100%)." Click "Close."

Step 6

Restart GOM Player and load the digital media into the application. Use the commands on the control bar to control playback for the file. After playing the media, click the "X" button to exit the application.



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