How to Change the Position of Subtitles in VLC

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How to Change the Position of Subtitles in VLC
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VLC is a free, open source media player that plays a variety of video and audio file formats. Separate versions for the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems are available. When playing video files, VLC has many of the same functions as a DVD player, including the ability to show or hide subtitles. Unlike a DVD player, VLC allows the user to customize and reposition subtitles on certain types of video files.


Step 1

Click "Tools" on VLC's main menu bar. Click "Preferences" on the drop-down menu.

Step 2

Click the "Subtitles & OSD" icon in the left-hand pane of the Preferences window.

Step 3

Enter a value into the "Force subtitle position" text box at the bottom of the "Subtitles & On Screen Display Settings" window. A positive value moves the subtitles upward on the screen; a negative value lowers the subtitles.


Users can also change the font, size, color and effects for subtitles in this window. VLC subtitle customization only functions with text subtitle files. Standard DVD files encode subtitles as images; custom settings have no effect on these subtitles.