How to Change the Pitch in VLC

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VideoLAN Client (VLC) is a popular media player for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. VLC Media Player can play various audio and video files such as MP3, Ogg, WMV, AVI and standard DVDs, CDs and the VCD. In addition, VLC allows users to stream live video on the media player. If you are experiencing audio issues with the VLC, and you need to change the pitch, you can tweak the audio settings.


Step 1

Start VLC Media Player and then go to "Tools" and then "Preferences."

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Step 2

Click "All" in "Show Settings" at the bottom left corner of VLC.

Step 3

Click "Audio" on the left corner of VLC and then un-check the option labeled "enable time stretching." VLC changes the pitch automatically and you should not experience any more problems with your audio.





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