How to Disable Words With VLC Player

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How to Disable Words With VLC Player
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VLC media player comes equipped with an on-screen interface used to display information regarding the media you are playing. This interface displays elements such as current volume level, filenames and subtitles. If you do not have any use for these extra words on your screen, disable the on-screen display in the program's preferences.


Step 1

Open VLC.

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Step 2

Click "Tools" and click "Preferences." This opens a new window. Click the "Subtitles & OSD" icon on the left pane. This displays on-screen display settings in the center of the window.


Step 3

Click to remove the check in the box next to "Enable On Screen Display (OSD)" to remove all words from the screen.


Step 4

Click to remove the check in the box next to "Show media title on video start" to prevent the file name from appearing each time you start a video.

Step 5

Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the window.




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