How to Open a Laptop DVD Player

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DVD-ROM drive showing emergency eject hole below the tray cover

The DVD player in a laptop is typically built into the left or right edge of the computer. The tray for the DVD slides out horizontally for removing or inserting a disc. Most laptop DVD players can be opened in two ways, either with the standard eject button or using the emergency eject feature built into the DVD drive.


Step 1

Press the rectangular eject/open button on or below the DVD tray door to open the player for changing discs.

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Step 2

Bend a paper clip straight to use on the emergency eject hole if the DVD player fails to open on the laptop.


Step 3

Push the tip of the clip into the hole on the DVD drive cover or to one side, usually on the right. The drive will pop out about halfway.


Step 4

Extend the drive to the fully open position with your fingers to extract a disc or place one in the tray.



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