How to Insert a Mini CD Into a CD-ROM

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A lot of software companies use mini CDs.

These days, many software installation packages come loaded not on full-size CDs but on smaller mini CDs. If you receive one of these miniature CDs with the hardware or software you buy, you need to insert it properly in order to get it to work in your computer. Some CD-ROM and DVD drives are better at reading these smaller CDs than others, but most will be able to read the disk if you prepare it properly.


Step 1

Move the computer so that the CD or DVD drive is sitting horizontally. The mini disk will not work properly if the CD or DVD drive is sitting vertically.

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Step 2

Eject the CD or DVD drawer and look for a CD holder in the middle of the tray. Place the mini CD over that holder and snap it down.


Step 3

Place the mini CD in the middle of the tray if there is no built-in holder. It will be harder to center the CD without the holder, but the CD or DVD drive should still be able to read the mini CD.


Step 4

Remove and reposition the mini CD if it is not recognized. Depending on the CD or DVD drive, it may take a few tries to get it to recognize and read the mini CD.



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