How to Insert Disc for an Acer Laptop

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Acer laptop computers have one disc drive built into them. This drive runs both CDs and DVDs. When a program or video game is bought from a store, it comes on a DVD or CD. Also, DVDs and CDs are commonly used to store information such as videos and images as well. This disc needs to be properly inserted into the Acer laptop computer's disc drive to work. If the disc is not correctly placed, it will not function and nothing stored on the drive can be installed onto the Acer laptop's hard drive.


Step 1

Grab the disc in your hand.

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Step 2

Open the Acer laptop's disc tray. It is usually on the right side of the laptop. To open the tray, push the small button on the tray.

Step 3

Place the disc into the tray and close the tray. The Acer laptop will recognize the disc and open the Autoplay menu. Use the laptop's mousepad to select an option inside this menu.



Step 4

Open the disc's program or video game. Click "Start" and click "Computer." Double-click the disc drive icon. If the DVD or CD is a disc containing a program or video game, an installation screen will appear. Follow the directions on the screen to install the program or video game. If the DVD or CD holds videos or images, double-click a file to open it.



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