How to play DVDs in Acer laptops

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Acer offers a variety of mobile computing products including desktop replacements, ultraportable laptops and netbooks. Desktop replacements are laptops designed with larger screens, hard drives and DVD players. Ultraportable laptops and netbooks do not always include a dedicated DVD player. An external USB DVD player adds DVD playing capabilities to systems that don't include one. Using the integrated DVD player in your Acer laptop is not a difficult process.

Step 1

Check for the familiar DVD logo on the sides and front of the laptop. Push the eject button located on the outside of the DVD drive to open the tray.

Step 2

Place any DVD with the cover art or DVD title face up in the tray and gently push the tray back into your Acer laptop. Wait for Windows to detect the DVD.

Step 3

Click the program you want to use to open the DVD in the menu that appears. Some laptops will automatically start playing the DVD with a compatible program.

Step 4

Click the menu items with the mouse to activate them as you would with a DVD player remote. In most programs, press the "ESC" key to exit full-screen mode and press the "Ctrl" and "F" keys to enter full-screen mode.

Step 5

Locate the controls on the bottom of your screen. They are standard DVD controls as well as a counter should you need to adjust volume or pause the DVD.