How to Connect My Laptop to a Projector Wirelessly

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Projectors can easily be connected wirelessly to your laptop.

Laptops are popular largely because they make any type of media portable. This includes media shown on a larger scale to a group of people for a meeting or lecture. Connecting your laptop to a projector wirelessly makes it easy and convenient to share any type of media from a laptop such as PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and movies.


Step 1

Turn off both the laptop and projector. Both must be off for the media program to recognize the new hardware upon restarting your laptop.

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Step 2

Hook up a wireless transmitting device to aid in transferring the signal wirelessly from the laptop to the projector. Wireless transmitters will work to transmit Internet or cable signals from one media to another. A receiver, which acts like an antenna, must be hooked up to the hardware device that will be receiving the wireless signal.


Step 3

Turn on the laptop and projector. Wait for the media program to recognize the new hardware. It will provide you with prompts on your laptop screen. Follow the command prompts. Some operating systems will not automatically recognize the new hardware. If yours does not, click on the "Start" menu. Type "projector sharing" into the search box at the bottom of the start menu. Choose "Connect to a Network Projector" from the options given.



Step 4

Select your projector from the drop-down list and wait for the connection wizard to install all of the necessary components. Follow the command prompts until you are finished.



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