How to Connect an InFocus Projector to a Laptop

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Connecting a projector to a laptop computer is simple. In the most basic terms, the computer and projector each need a power source, and they need to talk to each other. If you can remember those two things, hooking up a projector will be a snap.


Step 1

Set up your projector and laptop in front of the screen. Locate the power cords for each and plug them into the back of the units and the wall outlet.

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Step 2

Locate the inputs for the connector cable on both the projector and the laptop. They will be blue.


Step 3

Locate the connector cable. It should have two trapezoid-shaped blue ends with connecting screws on either side. Insert one end into each device. The ends are interchangeable, so it doesn't matter which end connects to what.

Step 4

Turn the computer and projector on. After everything boots up, if you get a "No Signal" message on your screen, press the Fn and F8 buttons on the laptop at the same time. Your image should appear. (Your computer may have a different combination of buttons to press to solve this problem. This works on a Dell Latitude D500. Consult the manufacturer of your laptop for more information.)



Step 5

Use a remote control in conjunction with your projector, if you'd like. This will eliminate the need for you to stand near your laptop as you give your presentation.

Step 6

Look for a remote that works from at least 50 feet away, particularly if you are going to be using your projector in a variety of settings. A remote control hooks to your laptop using a simple USB connection.



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