How to Open a Toshiba DVD Player

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DVDs can be removed from a Toshiba using normal controls or the emergency eject.

Toshiba DVD players are designed to work with several disc formats, including CDs and recordable DVDs, besides commercially recorded media discs. There are two ways to open a Toshiba DVD player for removing or inserting discs. The conventional method involves ejecting the tray using the buttons on the player or the supplied remote control. On the rare occasion when the tray fails to open, the Toshiba player is designed with a manual eject mechanism that will pop open the tray. Use a low-tech tool like a paper clip to eject the Toshiba manually.


Step 1

Push the open/close button on the front panel of the Toshiba or its remote control to open the disc tray, which will slide forward from the front of the component. If the tray won't open, continue to Step 2 and the emergency eject method.

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Step 2

Push the tip of a rigid wire about the diameter of a paper clip into the small hole on the tray cover on the front of the Toshiba. The hole is on the right side of the cover.


Step 3

Press gently on the wire until you feel a slight resistance, then push in the wire to engage the internal eject button. The Toshiba tray pops open partway.


Step 4

Extend the tray to the open position by gripping the edges with your thumb and fingertips to remove the DVD.

Step 5

Close the empty tray and try to reopen it using the normal button controls before inserting another disc.

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