How to Open a Stuck CD Player on a Stereo

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CD sound tracks are thinner than a piece of human hair

CD players have less moving parts than most electronics and don't typically experience a high number of problems. However, sometimes a CD player will become stuck because of an electronic glitch, a foreign object blocking the tray or simply because parts have worn down. The tray and cover of CD players are usually built with thin plastic. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the components because they can break easily.


Step 1

Turn off your stereo to minimize the chance of any damage to your equipment. Clean all visible CD drawer components with an electronic grade cleaner and microfiber cloth.

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Step 2

Take a paper clip and bend the one leg of the clip until it is straight. The paper clip should have a straight section around 1 inch long.


Step 3

Locate your CD player's manual eject hole. It is typically small hole about 1 centimeter in diameter located next to the eject button. If the manual eject hole is not next to the eject button, check the owner's manual for your stereo to find the exact location.

Step 4

Insert the paperclip leg into the manual eject hole. Press gently until the CD drawer opens. If the drawer does not open after inserting pressure in the manual eject hole, remove the paperclip.


Step 5

Press the eject button and stop button simultaneously and hold. With the buttons still held in, insert the stereo power cord into a power source. This process will unlock the drawer if the stereo is stuck in security mode.


Step 6

Unscrew the screws on the outside of the stereo housing unit with a screwdriver if the CD drawer still does not open. Check the tray to see if there are any foreign objects blocking the motion of the drawer and remove items as necessary.


Step 7

Check the drawer loading belt for elasticity If there are no items blocking the drawer. If the belt is not tight and elastic, you will need to replace it. A belt can be purchased from an electronics parts supplier and should be equal or greater in thickness than the existing belt.

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