How to Print a PDF Without a Watermark

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If you print PDF files on a regular basis, chances are you've come across some that are watermarked. Generally, watermarks are to prevent the PDF from being used without permission. However, if you just need a clean version of the file for printing, you will probably want to take out the watermark. Removing watermarks can be challenging, but there are a few strategies you can try before you call it quits.


Step 1

If you have the original file that was used to create the PDF, use the original file to recreate the PDF without a watermark. The original file will usually be a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet. You can create PDFs from Microsoft Word, or from a PDF writer like Adobe Acrobat.

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Step 2

If the PDF file isn't password-protected, open it in Adobe Acrobat.


Step 3

Choose "Document," "Watermark" and then "Remove" to remove the watermark. Save the PDF.

Step 4

If you use Google Docs, choose "Upload." Select the PDF file, and check the option that reads "Convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents." Click "Start upload" to upload and convert the PDF.


Step 5

The watermark will then appear as an overlapping layer in the converted document. Delete the text manually. Save the .doc file as a PDF.

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