How Do I Crop a Picture Out of a PDF?

By Zicheng Ren

[GIMP]( is free image editing software that can open and edit various image format files including PDFs. Editing a PDF in GIMP is like editing a photo; you can easily add or remove objects from your file and export the file in the original or a variety of formats. Using selecting and blending tools from the GIMP Toolbox can help you crop an unwanted object out of a PDF file by covering the object with the background color while leaving the other parts of the file intact.

Step 1

Open GIMP, click **File** and choose **Open...** from among the drop-down list.

Step 2

Locate the PDF file you want to edit and click **Open** from the **Open Image** window.

Step 3

Confirm the page of the PDF file you want to import to GIMP and click **Import**.

Step 4

Choose the **Rectangle Select Tool** from the Toolbox and select the object you want to crop out of the PDF.

Step 5

Choose the **Blend Tool** from the Toolbox.

Step 6

Apply the **Blend Tool** to the selected area.

Step 7

Right-click the blended area and choose **Fill with BG Color** under **Edit** from among the drop-down list to fill the area with the background color.

Step 8

Check the result and confirm that the image has been edited out of the PDF document.

Step 9

Go to File and click **Export As...** to save and export the edited PDF file. As an alternative, select the Export As... function by pressing **Shift-Ctrl-E**.

Step 10

Name the file, navigate to where you want to save it and click **Export** from the Export Image window to save your work.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can crop an object out of a PDF file using the **Crop Tool** in image editing software, but this tool selects the image you have cropped and discards the rest of the file. It does not remove the cropped section and leave the remainder of the document intact.
  • You can edit PDF files for free using PDF editors such as Foxit, PDFedit and PDF Buddy.
  • If you don't select the object you want to crop out of the PDF file using the **Rectangle Select Tool** you will not be able to blend and fill only that area with the background color. Instead, the whole page will be blended and filled.