How to Print Double Sided

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How to Print Double Sided. Double sided printing not only offers a clean and professional look, it also saves money and trees. While it may seem simple, double sided printing methods will depend on your writing software and your printer. A few tips can help you get started.


Step 1

Set your computer software for double sided printing if you have a printer that is compatible. Double sided printers are generally professional style machines, and most offices, schools and libraries will have them. On a PC, go to the drop down "File" menu and select "Double Sided Printing" under the "Preferences" or "Properties" window and print. If you have a MAC, click "Copies and Pages" under the "File" menu, select "Layout" and then click on "Long-Edged Binding" and print.


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Step 2

Print double sided with your standard home printer, again, by setting your PC writing software. When you are ready to print, click on the drop down "File" menu and select "Print." From the "Print" window select "odd pages only," or "even pages only."


Step 3

Set your odd and even pages a bit differently if you are working with MAC writing software. Select "Print" from the drop down "File" menu and click on the arrow to drop the "Copies & Pages" menu. Under the "Copies & Pages" menu, select "Paper Handling" and then click on "Odd Numbered Pages" or "Even Numbered Pages."


Step 4

Select "Odd Pages Only" or "Odd Numbered Pages" and then print as usual. It is a good idea to mark the top of your first page with a pencil so that you know the direction and side of the page your printer prints. Use the mark to determine how to turn your pages and place them back in the printer. Select "Even Pages Only" or "Even Numbered Pages" and print again.


If you have a MAC, the software will automatically recognized double sided printing capabilities, opening up the "Long-Edged Binding" option. Once you have selected "Long-Edged Binding" you can save your settings by clicking on the "Presets" menu and saving as "Double Sided Printing." You will then have the option of printing on both sides, when connected to a compatible printer, in your standard printing window.