How to Print From My Laptop

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Setting up a printer to work with a laptop computer may be easier than one would think. Once a working printer is connected to your laptop computer, you will be able to print any documents you need to. There are quite literally countless applications and productivity programs that offer a printing option. Microsoft makes this operation simple to accomplish with a printing shortcut command that is easy to remember and a readily accessible print command located on the menu of any productivity program.

Installing a Printer

Step 1

Connect your printer to your laptop using the supplied printer USB cord. (See the resources listed in this article if you don't have a printer USB cord.) Insert the square end into the proper port on your printer and the USB end into your laptop.

Step 2

Insert the printer drivers/software CD into your CD/DVD drive (if applicable), and follow the on-screen prompts to install your printer software. Once installed, your printer will be recognized by your laptop.

Step 3

Insert the printer paper and supplied ink/toner into the proper places. Check your printer documentation for the proper techniques and methods for doing this, as the procedure will vary by make and model. Once properly installed and inserted, your printer is ready for use.


Step 1

Open the document or file you wish to print, and turn on your printer.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl + P" on your keyboard, or look at the menu bar and go to File > Print to initialize the printing command.

Step 3

Select your printer name from the drop-down list of printers (if more than one), and press "Print" or "OK" to send your document to the printer.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer USB cable (usually supplied with printer)

  • Paper

  • Ink or toner (usually supplied with printer)

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