How to Print Index Cards on an HP Printer

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HP printers are capable of printing on paper of different sizes. This allows you to print on index cards from any program that you are using to create your cards. By changing a few things on your HP printer, you will be able to print index cards. However, setting up your HP printer to be able to print index cards may vary from other HP printers because each model is different.


Step 1

Remove all papers from both trays, "In" and "Out" tray, of your printer. Remove the "Out" tray, the top most tray, from the printer. Place about 30 index cards in the "In" tray, the lower tray, of the printer.

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Step 2

Use the width adjuster to align the index cards to the right side of the printer. If done right, the width adjuster will be touching the left side of the index cards.


Step 3

Align the length of the printer tray using the paper length adjuster. Move the adjuster in towards the index cards. If done correctly, the adjuster will be touching the top of the index cards. Place the "Out" tray back into its position.

Step 4

Change the properties of your printer to be able to print on index cards. On the desktop of your computer; click "Start," then click "Settings." Choose "Printers" and right click your printer. Select "Properties." Select the "Paper" or "Set Up" tab. The names of the tab will change depending on the HP printer you are using. From the paper size drop down box, select the index card size you are using. Click "OK."


Step 5

Print the document from the program you used to create the index cards.

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