How to Print Inside Cards

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Holidays and special occasions are always just around the corner. One thing most of them have in common is the necessity to write out cards. Learning to print from a computer directly onto cards can save you time and eliminate mistakes. Whether the cards are for friends, relatives or clients, cards with printed messages are sure to be neater and faster to produce and will be well appreciated.


Step 1

Measure the length and width of your greeting card while it is open.

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Step 2

Change your word processor page settings. To do this in Microsoft Word, go to File > Page Setup. In the Paper Size menu, select the Custom option, and enter your card's dimensions. While in the Page Setup menu, select the "Landscape" view. Other word processors may have similar menus with different names. When finished, click "OK" to return to the document.


Step 3

Create two columns in the word document and reduce the margins. Do this by going to Word's Format menu and selecting "Columns." Click on "Two" and then "OK." Return to the Format menu, this time selecting "Documents." Reduce all margins to .25 inch to ensure that your text looks appropriate on the inside of the card. Click "OK" to return to the document.



Step 4

Write your message. Begin by pressing the "Enter" key until you reach the right column of the page. Then navigate to Format > Paragraph. Under "Alignment" select "Center," press "OK," and then type your message just as you would write it on the card.


Step 5

Place the card in your printer, making sure that it fits appropriately. You may choose to do a test print on a sheet of blank paper to ensure your message will line up properly on the card.

Step 6

Select File > Print and then click the "Print" button.




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