How to Make Yu-Gi-Oh! Proxies With Microsoft Word

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To serious gamers involved in Yu-Gi-Oh!, cards are for far more than just "playing." Missing a card can mean serious game consequences, but it can be hard to procure or pay for all the cards required or desired. In certain cases, players are allowed to use proxies, cards that work as stand-ins but are only for practice. You can stack your own Yu-Gi-Oh! deck by making proxies in Microsoft Word. With Word, you can customize the page size to the exact Yu-Gi-Oh! card size so your proxies will fit right in when you want to practice your battles and adventures.


Step 1

Click the "Page Layout" tab. Click the "Size" button below the tab. Click the "More Paper Sizes" link at the bottom of the Size drop-down menu in the Page Setup grouping.

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Step 2

Type "2.95" in the Width box. Type "4.32" in the Height box. Click the "OK" button, and Word re-sizes the page to Yu-Gi-Oh! size.


Step 3

Click the "Insert" tab if you want to add a picture to the card. Click the "Picture" button on the tab's Ribbon in the Illustrations grouping. Locate a scanned or downloaded image of a Yu-Gi-Oh! character and double-click the image to add it to the card.

Step 4

Type the name of the card for which you're making the proxy. Click the "Home" tab. Highlight the word(s) on the card. Click the "Center" button in the "Paragraph" section of the Ribbon. Use the "Font" section of the ribbon to enlarge and color the text or change its font as desired.



Step 5

Click the "File" tab. Select "Save As." Type a name for the Yu-Gi-Oh! proxy file and click the "Save" button.




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