How to Create a Card Template in Microsoft Word

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Using Microsoft's Word application, you can create customized card documents and save them as templates so that you can reuse the design again without having to do the initial setup work. Templates are especially useful for greeting cards during the holidays or special occasions or when creating a business design that you may need to update in the future. With this word processing program, you can use the various tools to easily customize and save your own card templates.


Step 1

Launch the Microsoft Word application and create a new document. Click File > New. Alternately, you may access the Microsoft Office Online "Templates" web page and select a design from the "Greeting Cards" category (see link in Resources). Click the "Download Now" button to add this file to your desktop. Select File > Open to activate this page.


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Step 2

Click inside the opened document and create or edit the content as you prefer. Double click to begin typing. Use the "Formatting Palette" tool, available in the View drop-down menu, to change the text with enhancements including size, color and positioning. Simply click and drag your mouse over the intended content. Click the desired formatting menu or button, such as "Bold," to implement this style.


Step 3

Add images to your card template. Go to Insert > Picture. You may choose to add a graphic from your own computer by selecting the "From File" option or opt to use Word's available clip art by choosing "Clip Art." Follow the dialog prompts to make your selection and click "Insert" to add the image to your design.


Step 4

Click "Save As" when you are ready to save your page as a template. Type in a document title in the "Save As" text field. Click Format > Document Template. Click the "Save" button so that Word automatically adds the template extension "dot" (for example, "") and saves the file in the application's "My Templates" folder.


Step 5

Open your template for future use. Click File > Open and navigate to your file. You can also find this card template by going to the Microsoft Office folder on your computer, opening the "Templates" folder and then opening the "My Templates" folder.