How to Print Multiple Excel Spreadsheets on One Page

By Ron Price

Excel is able to print multiple worksheets per page provided the printer itself is capable of doing so.


It is possible to print as many as 16 Excel worksheets worksheets on a single page. It's also possible to print worksheets on the two sides of a single sheet. In a workbook with small amounts of related data on each of several worksheets, printing all of the worksheets on a single page may be the best way to review, reference, or capture that data.

Print Multiple Worksheets on One Side

Step 1

Locate the worksheet tabs along the bottom edge of Excel's work area. Right-click on the tab of any worksheet to display a short-cut menu. On the menu, click the Select All Sheets option to group every worksheet. To print only some of the worksheets, hold down the CTRL key and click on the tab of each worksheet you wish to include.

The Unhide option being available indicates hidden worksheets.


If the Unhide option is enabled on the shortcut menu, one or more worksheets are hidden. To include a hidden worksheet in your print selection, select the Unhide option and then select the worksheets.

Step 2

Choose Print Entire Workbook from the Printer options window.

To print multiple Excel worksheets on a single page, click on the File option on the Ribbon and then click on the Print selection to display the Print options window.

Step 3

The Printer Properties dialog box.

Configure the printer to print multiple worksheets per page. On the Printer options window, click on the Printer option to display the Properties dialog box for the active printer. Choose from 1 (default) to 16 worksheet pages to print. Click OK to return to the Print options.


To fit two or more worksheets on a single printer page, the physical size of the worksheet, including its contents, must become smaller. As the number of worksheets grows, the smaller the image of each worksheet becomes.

Step 4


Not all printers will provide a Print Preview that shows multiple worksheets on a single print page; some will display only one worksheet on the page at a time.

Before printing the workbook, click Print Preview. Check the layout and orientation of each worksheet.

Step 5

Pages rotated inconsistently with the rest indicates page orientation issues.

Change the number of worksheets per page if the print is too small. To correct any worksheets that are misaligned, return to the worksheet and change its Orientation.

Step 6

An example of 6 worksheets printed to a single page.

Click on the Print option on the File menu and choose Print.

Printing on Both Sides (Duplex)

Automatically Print Both Sides

Most higher-end and newer printers include the capability to automatically print on both sides of a sheet of paper.

Step 1

The Settings options for the Print selection on the Excel 2013 Options menu.

To print on both sides of the paper, click on File on the Excel Ribbon, click on Print, and click on the down arrow of the default selection of the drop-down list immediately below the Pages: entry to display the selected printer's available options. The default setting is Print One Sided. Click on the option of Print on Both Sides.

Step 2

Click the Printer Properties link below the Printer selection to display the Properties dialog box.

Click on Printer Properties immediately below the Printer choice to display the Properties dialog box for the selected printer.

Step 3

An example of a printer's Properties dialog box showing the duplex printing selection.

Click on the Finishing tab and put a check in the Print on Both Sides box, or Duplex Printing option, to activate it. Click the OK button to return to the Excel Print Options window.


The content and arrangement of options and settings on the Properties dialog box varies by printer and manufacturer. Use the printer's documentation as a reference.

Manually Print Both Sides

Some printers support only manually printing on both sides. In this type of duplex printing, the "front side" page is printed, the printer pauses to allow the user to put the page back in to the paper feed for its "back side" to be printed. This process repeats for each set of pages in the document.

Step 1

Set the print function for a manually supported print on both sides operation.

To set a printer to manually print on both sides, click on File on the Excel Ribbon, click on Print and display the options drop-down list clicking on the down arrow on its right side. Choose the option of Manually Print on Both Sides.

Step 2

Choose the Print on Both Sides (Manually) or Duplex Printing (Manual) option on the printer's Properties dialog box.

On the Properties dialog box for the active printer, click on the Finishing tab and select the Print on Both Sides (Manually) option. Click OK to return to the Print options window.

Depending on the printer, it may be possible to print on both sides of each sheet of paper. This is called duplex printing. While some printers have an automatic duplex printing feature, some support only a manual duplex printing and some don't support duplex printing at all.