How to Put a MicroSD in a Dell Computer

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A MicroSD card can store several gigabytes of data on a small chip.

A MicroSD card can store thousands of music and picture files, and it is only the size of your thumbnail. It is mostly used in cell phones and other handheld devices, where space is at a premium. MicroSD cards use similar technology as regular SD cards. SD, or secure digital, is an external storage format that is standard on most computers. As long as you have a MicroSD adapter, you can access your MicroSD card from any SD slot.


Step 1

Orient both the SD adapter and MicroSD card so that the label faces up and the metal pins face down.

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Step 2

Insert the MicroSD card into the adapter. Do not force the card. If you encounter resistance, re-orient the card and try again.


Step 3

Locate the SD slot on your computer. On most Dell computers, the SD slot is in the front. It may be behind the panel with the "Dell" logo on it. On a Dell netbook, the slot may be located on the side of the computer; for instance, a Dell Mini 9 features an SD slot on the left-hand side, in front of the USB ports. The SD slot may be labeled "SD/.MS" or "SD.MS/Pro.MMC"

Step 4

Insert the SD adapter into the SD slot. The computer should automatically recognize the card.


MicroSD cards are usually sold with an adapter.

If your computer is too old to have an SD slot, you can replace the MicroSD to SD adapter with a MicroSD to USB adapter.


Do not remove the card without ejecting it from Windows first (In the Computer window, right-click on the card's drive and select "Eject."