How to Put a Speakerphone on a Nokia Cell Phone

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Some Nokia phones contain an option that people refer to as hands-free, but, more specifically, is a speakerphone. This function enables you to talk on your phone without touching your handset. This is especially convenient when you are playing with your kids, typing, or doing any other task that involves using both of your hands. You don't need to install it or download any special software since it's already located in your handset.

When Making a Call

Step 1

Turn on your phone.

Step 2

Dial the number you wish to call. Let the phone number ring, while keeping an eye on your screen.

Step 3

Select "Loudspeaker" from the main screen options once the option appears. In some Nokia phones, this is the left button, directly under the screen or the center select button.

While Receiving a Call

Step 1

Answer the call by selecting the talk or green handset button.

Step 2

Press the center menu button and select the "loudspeaker" or "speaker" option.

Step 3

Press the red disconnect button to hang up the call. You will not have to go back to the speakerphone options to hang up.


Some Nokia phones are not equipped with a speaker option. Check online to see if your model has a speakerphone or loudspeaker option, or if possible check the phone's instruction manual.

It is also possible to activate the speaker function while you are already in a call. Just look on the screen for an option to select speaker or loudspeaker. If it is not displayed, you may find this information by clicking the menu button in the top center of the phone.

If your Nokia doesn’t have a speakerphone option, you can purchase a Bluetooth earpiece (if your phone has Bluetooth), earphones or a speaker cradle that plugs into your phone and uses your car speakers as the phone speakers.


Do not plug any external speaker device into your cell phone unless it is specified to work on your phone. Using devices that aren't made for your phone may damage the phone's hardware.

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