How to Record a TV Program on a DVD Player

By James Clark

Because cable and satellite programming travels as one signal at a time, you cannot watch a different program while recording another. To save time, you can burn the program to a DVD directly instead of recording it to the DVD recorder's hard drive first. Making a DVD as a two-step process (record to hard drive and then edit while burning to DVD) that allows you to skip commercials, create chapter stops and produce a more professional-looking recording.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank, recordable DVDsSignal receiver: cable, satellite or antenna

Step 1

Set the recording timer on your DVD recorder to record the chosen program when it comes on, or wait for the show to start and do the recording manually. Place a blank, recordable disc in the tray of your DVD recorder and close the tray.

Step 2

Make notes of where you'd like to insert chapter stops, being ready to skip over commercials and edit them from the program. It helps to have a general idea in advance where to insert chapter breaks. For an hour-long program, chapter breaks every 10 to 15 minutes are convenient when reviewing the program later.

Step 3

Press the "Record" button on the DVD recorder to commence burning the program to DVD. Use the Pause and Edit controls of the DVD recorder to eliminate commercials and create chapter stops on the DVD for easy browsing later. Place the recorded disc in a protective sleeve or case and label it for easy identification later.

Tips & Warnings

  • Print your own custom DVD labels using images off the Internet and computer desktop publishing software. Apply the labels to DVD cases for a custom look.Used hard-shell DVD cases are often available for free at video rental stores.

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