How to Recover Temp Files

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When most documents are created, whether it be in a word processor or photo editor, a temporary file is automatically created. The file remains as the temporary, or temp, file until it is saved as its own individual file. These temp files can become very useful, especially if the program unexpectedly shut down or crashed before a user could save the file. Once the temp file is recovered, a person can use it just as if they had saved the document.


Step 1

Open "My Computer", then select the "C:" drive.

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Step 2

Double-Click "Documents and Settings" then the "user name" (select the user name that was being used when the temp file would have been saved).


Step 3

Click "Application Data" and lastly "Microsoft." This will reveal the list of available temp files currently saved on the computer.


Step 4

Find the temp file you believe was the one you are looking for (it should be fairly obvious based on its title) and double-click it. It should be opened by the program it was created in. If not, open the desired program and drag the temp file into it. This should open the file back up in the software.




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