How to Remove a Comma From a Name in Excel

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Excel can remove just some of the commas or all the commas, depending on your needs.

If you imported a comma-delimited file into Excel or if you are faced with a spreadsheet that separates first and last names with commas, you will likely want to clean it of extraneous commas. Although you could manually delete the commas if you have just a few, this can become tedious with a larger file. The most straightforward approach is to use Excel's Find and Replace feature.


Step 1

Open the Excel workbook that has names with commas.

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Step 2

Click the "Home" tab on the ribbon and then click "Find & Select." Select "Replace" from the menu.


Step 3

Enter a comma in the "Find what" box. Leave the "Replace with" box blank.

Step 4

Click "Replace All" if you want to remove all the commas automatically or click "Find Next" to go through your worksheet one by one. Every time Excel highlights a comma, click "Replace" if you want to remove it or click "Find Next" if you want to skip it and go to the next occurrence. The latter option is useful if you just have a few commas you want to remove.




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