How to Remove a Ribbon Cable Connector

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Electronic devices including cameras and computers use ribbon cables. They come in a large variety of widths depending on the number of wires they contain, and a variety of lengths depending on their function. In computer systems, they are most often used to connect hard drives to a controller card or motherboard. The connectors on ribbon cables are usually a tight fit and appear difficult to remove from a component, usually for fear of damaging the thin cables or the pins inside--but removing the connector is not as difficult as it appears at first.


Step 1

Examine the connector where it is connected to the external component, such as a hard drive or controller card. Remove any glue, tape or epoxy holding the connector in place.

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Step 2

Remove any external clips that may be attached to the connector.


Step 3

Hold the connector firmly at the far edges with one hand. Do not hold the ribbon itself.

Step 4

Hold the component the connector is plugged into with the other end.


Step 5

Pull the ribbon connector from the component in a straight line, with gradually increasing force. Do not twist the connector, so as not to damage the pins inside.



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